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ForoEletro.Net Arduino Services

What is?

This space offers a simple API to save data generated by your IoT projects.

Through a simple API you can send your data and retrieve it, send emails to yoursef or use our MQTT server privately.

Arduino Data API: A simple HTTP API for your projects. We use MongoDB to be able to save any data (as long as it can be put in JSON). In addition, several operating modes are offered to simplify your applications to the maximum. As an extra, you have a tabular data visualization system. It is paginated, can be filtered and can be sorted by columns.

MQTT server: You have a private section available on our MQTT server. These sections are not shared with other users, so that no one can observe you or send garbage. Unfortunately we only support the MQTT protocol, not the websockets that can be used via the web.

Email (me): With a simple HTTP call you can send yourself emails, validated and out of the SPAM category. This makes it ideal for use in your IoT applications like Arduino. To use this service you need to validate your email.

How do I use it?

First you have to create an Application. For this, 2 fields are required: Name, which can be from the application, and email. After that you get an ApiKey.

You can use API with your ApiKey or login in this site using also your email to view your data.

Yoiu can create as much applications as youn want with same email, each one will have its own ApiKey.

For anti-spam security reasons, to use the mail service you must validate your address by opening a link that we will send to it.

You can modify your email or the name of the Application that your ApiKey will not change. But if you change it, you will have to validate your new email to continue using the email service.