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REST API mail sending

What is?

This REST API allows the sending of emails to your own address through a URL call, both GET and POST.

This allows a very easy integration with any microcontroller with network capacity, such as ESPs.

To use this function you must have a registered user in this section of the web and have your email validated.

The mailing is done using same server a this web server, which is validated by the SPF, DKIM and DMARC standards, so that the mails arrive quickly and reliably in the inbox and are not marked as SPAM.

How do I use it?

First you have to create an Application. You will need 2 fields: Name and email. After this you get an ApiKey.

You can use API with your ApiKey or login in this site using also your email to view your data.

Yoiu can create as much applications as youn want with same email, each one will have its own ApiKey.

You can change email or Application, your ApiKey will not change.

Also, we want to use email to be able to add custom data alerts to email.

HTTP call to send an email:



All parameters can be passed in any method (GET, POST, etc).


Returns a numeric code in text mode: