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Arduino MQTT Server Documentation

Mosquitto MQTT v3.1 server:

This website includes a free private MQTT v3.1 server for your applications. The server used is Mosquitto

All you need is an ApiKey, which you can get by registering in this section (not in the forum). The ApiKey gives you access to the data API and the MQTT server.

WAR: The access to the server is linked to an ApiKey, which works as a user and as a prefix of the topic (or as a topic if you do not add anything behind). Thus, no user can access the data of another.

MQTT server data:

Server: or (standard port, 1883).

User: Your ApiKey.

Password: Your email.

Topic: It must start, necessarily, by your ApiKey. After it you can add the topic you want or just leave it empty

Other resources: